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We’re Movement Apparatus, a small family of strategists, doers & creative souls who are passionate about helping values-driven leaders own their shit and level up.


Conscious Business Matters

We provide strategic consulting and organizational development services that enable conscious businesses to find clarity and operate mindfully.

Strategic Consulting


Assessments & Recommendations

We listen in and look at your pain points with fresh eyes. No matter how big or small, we explore your business’ potential and hand pick recommendations & action plans for moving forward.

Strategic Planning

We work with you to connect the dots and create a meaningful plan based on your big picture priorities and day-to-day needs, giving your organization a core-driven outlook that moves you in a solid direction.

Leadership Coaching

Holistic (whole-person) executive coaching for conscious leaders striving for impact AND life balance. People of color-powered, our lived-experience is our strength as we offer life balance insights and growth guidance.

Org Development

Operations Streamlining

Our super powers are in process and systems. What’s working, what flows, what steps are missing or unneeded in your journey. Let’s get your strengths humming and your business more organized.

Marketing & Communications

We bring an eclectic mix of experience to tackle complex creative needs and thoughtfully make sense of mixed audiences. Let’s get to building your brand in a way that feels authentic and meaningful.

Web & Platforms Development

Need new strategy or an overhaul of your website & social? We can tackle web & platform building from corporate to personal, e-commerce to online courses and more.

Featured Clients

Uncanned Music


Creative Strategy & Operations Streamlining

Our work with Uncanned Music—an industry leader in boutique music curation for hospitality —is driven by mutual interests in music, culture, and values. As a partner serving Uncanned’s leadership team, we’re engaged in a holistic assessment & planning process to strengthen their marketing & help strategically extend their operational capacity so they can prepare to scale.

As busy artists themselves, also growing a budding record label, our approach has centered on deep understanding of the unique pressures they’re facing amidst growth & change while honoring their guiding vision & creative sensibilities.

Innovando la Tradición

Oaxaca, Mexico

Assessments & Org Development

Since 2008, Innovando la Tradición has worked with artisans, designers and artists to rethink the ceramic traditions of Oaxaca, Mexico and support indigenous pottery communities in the development of their trade. Their vital work raises many complex questions at the intersections of art, commercialism & community and we love how they tackle them head on with a design-thinking and whole-systems approach.

We were invited alongside Mexico City’s Neural group to support Innovando la Tradición’s leadership in strategically assessing & planning around the rapid growth of their dual non-profit + social enterprise model. Looking at a wide range of facets (operations & process management, sales & marketing, communications, tech, finance, and leadership health & wellness), we’re helping them process & align day-to-day changes with a longer term vision of uplifting the symbolic, cultural, and commercial value of pottery.


Meet Tiff

Founder & Chief Strategist

Tiff’s life’s work entails bringing emotional intelligence, healing, and authentic leadership to her roles while also being a forever learner & teacher. She founded Movement Apparatus to realize her vision of what a thriving values-based company could be and to equip more conscious businesses and leaders with the tools to truly make more good in the world.

She holds to the truth once told that, “we need healers in the world and the best healers are those that have healed themselves.”

Tiff strives to be a healed leader.

Meet David

Creative Director

David is a people-lover & detail-oriented creative whose background includes marketing & communications stints with various digital agencies, non-profits & creative brands.

He recently finished a work sabbatical to invest more into the inner work of fear-facing & holistic growth.

David strives to do the “inner work” so he can better serve others.

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