Hey there! We’re Movement Apparatus, a small team of strategists & builders supporting values-driven leaders & movements for change.

What We Do


Assessments & Discovery

We collect data, interview staff & stakeholders, and listen in to look at the complex dynamics of your work with fresh eyes. No matter how big or small, we explore your organization’s potential and clearly identify core issues.


We work with you to face tough personal and professional questions and develop strategies based on your big picture priorities and day-to-day needs, giving your organization a core-driven outlook and plan for moving forward.

Operations Development

Our super powers are in process, systems, and people. What’s working, what flows, what steps are missing or unneeded in your journey. Let’s get your team’s strengths humming and your worked more aligned to manage upcoming changes.

How We Do It

The Signature Strategic Planning Engagement

Our core service is a 12-Week Signature Strategic Planning Engagement designed to provide values-driven businesses & organizations strategic consulting & planning services that provide clarity, foundation, and master plans for the budding movements they lead. We walk with leaders through their visions, goals, and pain points as well as the trenches of their operational infrastructure & team dynamics to clearly identify core issues and priorities. We then deliver thoughtful, research-based recommendations and action plans so they can have a playbook for navigating the next 2-5 years.

What’s Included

Assessments + Strategies

Through a variety of questionnaires, staff & stakeholder interviews, and strategy/coaching sessions, we assess these areas:

  • Strategic planning, values, and goals
  • Visioning & leadership health
  • Organizational design and effectiveness
  • Infrastructure, Systems and processes
  • Company & team culture
  • Marketing and communications
  • Tools & technology

Then we deliver:

  • A 25+ page report with core issues identified & prioritized, strategic recommendations and how to implement them, and our overall reasoning and potential outcomes.

Big Questions We Address

  • How do we scale up, mature, and get to the next level without killing ourselves?
  • How do we leverage opportunities for growth and also realign our operations?
  • How do we grow while ensuring our values are honored in the process?
  • How do we preserve + strengthen our culture during major transitions?
  • How do we build for momentum AND sustainability? We keep getting stuck despite our best efforts.
  • We’ve grown but our storytelling hasn’t. How do we authentically align our marketing with who we are?
  • How do we possibly do all this with limited capacity? I know it’s needed but we’re already stretched thin.

Why It's Helpful

  • To get clarity and a holistic view on what’s happening with your work
  • To identify your greatest opportunities and your blocks
  • To delineate your real problems from just the symptoms
  • To facilitate long term strategic planning
  • To develop your operations and systems
  • To drive authentic marketing and sales/service strategies
  • To prepare your team for projects, transition and change
  • To create a hiring and management development plan
  • To define clear goals, metrics, and evaluation indicators
  • To demonstrate to stakeholders the need for investment and projects to realize your next level

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What We Also Do


Squarespace Websites

Individuals and smaller orgs & businesses often need a website upgrade that’s affordable and easy to self-manage yet foundational and to the point. We love the ease of use and built in features of Squarespace and can bring our web development experience to get folks up and running fast.

Wordpress Websites

For larger clients & projects in need of a more robust site with customized features, we build sites in WordPress, host with premium partners, and use more of a traditional approach to development and launching.

Branding & Design

On a limited basis we’ll do branding identity assessments and help clients in upgrading their logo design, developing a more thorough brand identity, and co-creating a Brand & Language Guide to support their marketing efforts.


Interested in Web Work?

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Innovando la Tradición

Assessments + growth strategy for a dual non-profit + social enterprise model.

Goodspace Murals

Assessments + strategic recommendations for a rapidly growing artist-run business.

Makaya McCraven

Brand strategy + website development for an artist building global community through jazz.

Los Angeles Food Policy Council

Creative Strategy + re-branding for a pioneering food justice organization.

Uncanned Music

Growth Strategy + operations development for a boutique sound + experiential design company.

José Rico

Personal brand and campaign development for a community leader’s 1st run for office.

“Movement Apparatus brought us the energy, focus, and clarity that we’ve been needing to move our company towards the next level. They’ve helped us re-identify the core of what we’re doing and why – while simultaneously getting deep into the cracks of how our operation is functioning – to pinpoint what has been holding us back and to lay out a practical path for healthy growth forward.

Tiff & David create a calm, positive environment that is respectful of our values and mindful of how we like to work, which has kept us feeling inspired to take on the challenges ahead. Our work with Movement Apparatus has helped us make changes we hadn’t been able to accomplish on our own.”


– David Allen, Uncanned Music (Portland)

“Movement Apparatus dived into the complexity of our hybrid organization with honesty and enthusiasm, as well as concern for health and balance in all aspects of the organization, which we greatly appreciated. The conversations with them were both frank and enjoyable, and their diagnosis of our situation precise.”


Diego Mier y Terán, Innovando La Tradición (Oaxaca)


“As an artist navigating the waters of a fast growing business, I was desperately in need of the perspectives and support that Movement Apparatus was able to provide. Their in-depth analysis of my business’ health, it’s symptoms, and the issues they stemmed from became the basis for a large overhaul of my organizational model and has set me up to work less but more efficiently, freeing me to enjoy and celebrate the work that I love to do.

Movement Apparatus was there to support and help me step into my power as the owner of my business, guiding me through their evaluation and feedback, and setting me up with a roadmap to healthy growth and sustainability.”


– Greta McLain, GoodSpace Murals (Minneapolis)
Others we’ve rolled our sleeves up for

(Individually + Collectively)

Meet Tiff

Founder & Chief Strategist

Tiffany Hinton’s life’s work entails bringing authentic leadership, organizational acumen, and emotional literacy to her roles while also being a forever learner & teacher. She founded Movement Apparatus to realize her vision of what a thriving values-based company could be and to empower non-profits, businesses and leaders with tools for building movements & more positive impact in the world.

She holds to the truth once told that, “we need healers in the world and the best healers are those that have healed themselves.”

Tiff strives to be a healed leader.

Meet David

Marketing & Creative

David Marques is a people-lover, community builder & detail-oriented creative whose background includes marketing & communications work with various digital agencies, non-profits, artists, foundations, community leaders, and political movements.

He recently took a break from producing his beloved parties in Chicago to focus on serving and building resources for artists, leaders & organizations all over with Movement Apparatus.

David strives to always better serve others.

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